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[Music] hi everybody and welcome back to my channel and you’re probably wondering who is this Harriet Tubman looking a on the screen but it’s me like a lot of my girls out there I’ve been neglecting you guys I’ve been neglecting you guys a lot of you guys have been wanting me to do more stuff with my natural hair and to be honest like and I’m really messed with my natural hair because like I have a fine very fine hair texture but when it’s like dry like it’s really not dry but like when it’s not wet it’s really thick and hard to manage so I always just try and avoid my natural hair and just wear half wig Whigs buns like you guys saw me wearing my past few vlogs my friend too little stuff like that so I’ve been like neglecting my hair low-key Bahai key so I decided to do something a little bit different try out some new products I never really wear my hair natural I’m gonna try out some new things if you have not already done so remember to like this video subscribe to my channel and leave something in the comments down below let you guys want to see for me in the future and also I’m almost at 3k so if you’re not subscribe if you are not subscribe go ahead and subscribe my channel and get me to the 3k subscribers so this is gonna be a chitchat hair video kind of thing my camera looks a little off-center but then it could just be my head but it could be my camera low key high key it’s obvious cooking I’m sorry but just spy with me here I’m using a Canon c6i camera with the 50 millimeter lens to shoot this video and I guess before I continue getting into this video I’m going to share with you guys the products before I start my chitchat because I don’t want to be cutting myself on cutting myself off and between conversation so to wash my hair I used the Lulu’s holistic certain hemp shampoo so this is what I used to wash my hair so conditioned my hair I used the Aussie 3 minute miracle curls couldn’t’ve deep conditioner this stuff works really well it’s like crap for natural hair just adds the moisture back into your hair and when I do my hair I do the loc method and when I do wear my hair naturally curly I just put it in a pineapple I don’t bother with anything else because I don’t know how to do anything else I fail out of wash and go flail out twist I’ll fail on how on I fail in general when it comes to like natural hair protective styling but when I do do my natural hair as I said like I wear it up in a pineapple and I do the loc method which I’m gonna share with you guys the products that I’m going to be using today for the loc method ok so if you do not know or if you’re not familiar with the LLC method it’s a leave-in oil and then a cream but for today for my leman I’m going to use what I’m going to try the as I am the as I am leaving conditioner usually I’ve been using the Aussie curls leave-in conditioner but I’m gonna be using this for today and for my oil I’m gonna be using my hundred percent black castor oil from Jamaica as I said my dad grows the plant in his yard in Jamaica and he had a lady make it for me the oil that I’m going to try today is the Aussie miracle curls the finding oil I got these all from Targa in the States guys they do not sell this in Canada and for my cream I’m gonna use the Aussie miracle curls cream pudding I’ve used it before and I didn’t like it but we’re gonna give it a try again today and to gel my hair I’m gonna use the shine and gem gel because I don’t want my hair to be drying crusty I’m leaving for Jamaica in two weeks and I just want my hair to be flexible before I have to wash it again for my braids up and for my edges I’m gonna be trying something new the main in choice hair type for freezing edge control yeah we’re gonna try this I’ve never used it before my sister-in-law gave it to me and I’m a shy and then I’m also gonna use this in my hair in the morning to refresh my curls since it is late at night I’m gonna need a curl refresher alright guys so hope you guys are ready for it’s a little chitchat video I look like Harriet summon ye alright not your bow girl anyways I’m gonna start with this section of my hair this is me naturally if you guys always say like mine you and friends all’s you have such nice hair I get that and I’m thinking like a thank you for those comments but you don’t got a deal with this hair like I do okay so the topic for today I think I’m gonna talk about is relationships and dating that just seems to be like very spicy these days so um you guys know I’m in a relationship and I’ve been in this relationship for two years now and it’s been great right relationships are great sometimes now before meaning famous I was just like I don’t want to date anymore you know going through bad experiences just didn’t want to do it and reason being is like I was dating somebody before that was you know ideal for your like being a Christian family I’m not saying famous is an ideal but prior to meeting him my parents didn’t even know that I was dating at the time as far as they’re concerned famous is like not my only boyfriend I’m pretty sure they have like a heightened sense that I’ve dated before but like the only person that I’ve introduced my parents to so prior to him I was dating this guy he was in the church and I’m just like okay like this could be great whatever whatever didn’t end up working y’all we argued all the time fought all the time couldn’t compromise I can didn’t work and he left the guy completely heartbroken Wow cuz I broke up with him I was like I’m not having this like I’m a very like I’m a very avid very dominant personality I’m a go-getter and I know what I want and what I want what I want I make sure like I get what I want kind of thing non just relationships but in life in general and that just didn’t work out and prior to that I was more like I wasn’t saying like I will lead people on but I was more just like if I catch myself feeling free like feelings feeling you too much or do you start feeling me like too fast it’s kind of just like not I kind of like exit block delete your number kind of thing and you’ll never like you’ll never see me I’ll make sure you’ve never seen me like you’ll never see me all over hear from me again like that’s just that’s just the person that I was before right and because of like all my bad experiences and stuff I was just like okay maybe dating is not for me and maybe I just need to like not deal with that anymore like it’s just not for me maybe I need to wait a little longer and in the midst of like graduating for school here comes famous Imam and so you guys how we met just yet because that’s gonna be like for another video but here comes famous and I’m just like this is crazy like I’ve been watching you for so long like I’ve been obsessed with this guy and I’m just like yes so you know we hit it off like he’s like my ideal guy like he’s so funny as you guys know like he’s killing like everything that I want right so I’m like guess like this is it this is it for me so prior to like you know feeling that way about hammer end up meeting him I was just like so confused I’m like will I ever be happy will I ever meet somebody that makes me happy like just didn’t know where I belong and like like the relationship setting of things it’s kind of just like before I was kind of second might we’re gonna be happy I’m ever gonna meet that one like like what’s happening with me why can’t I find somebody like I was just meeting crappy guys I dated like an African guy when I was living in Ottawa and like the itch just didn’t work like it just didn’t work for me so after that I was kind of like not like I’m out of this like I want to date no more and whatever whatever and then I started to clue in and maybe think like maybe something is wrong with me because around third or fourth year is when I started to lose like a lot of weight like I was losing so much weight and people start sliding in my tea and I’m kind of just like what’s this like wait I’ve been like I’ve never changed I’ve been the same person I just feel like you like my hair is a little too dry and it’s not soaking in the product properly I just feel like people didn’t really take in the type of person that I was like I’ve been the same person people didn’t really like take me seriously in any type of way so when I did like come out of whatever hole I was in people that I used like no one school like started hitting me up and say like y’all want one and I’m kind of just like move from yeah because you know I do video that’s my leg really bad to make an accent I was like moved like what are you doing like you know me my like basically my entire life and now you want to slide into my dance so even after that like that kind of just put a damper on me just wanting to date and generally do I gotta look a certain way for people to look at me or take me seriously be yourself like be yourself you know I mean like that’s the best way to be happy the best way to meet somebody is just to be yourself like if you try to be somebody else and you end up meeting somebody that you’re really attracted to they’re not really gonna know the real you for you because you’ve never been yourself in the beginning so I guess a is like be yourself don’t try to change to attract somebody or to be happy or to be relationship goals on Instagram like don’t do that you’re only harming yourself you’re only causing more damage to yourself and nobody else but yourself you know I mean guys what is this but I’m just saying like be yourself like be true to who you are and you’ll attract the person that you’re supposed to be with and that I can say a hundred percent because for a while I didn’t know like I knew what I wanted based on what I saw in social media but I didn’t know I didn’t know what I truly wanted you know there’s no I’m saying like I always saw people and relations on like relationship goals like that’s what I want to have when I’m in a relationship but being like me like now I can truly say like I didn’t really have like a set on who I wanted to be with I just knew that whoever I’m with has to accept me for me and make sure you lay down oh there goes my light I think it over it was overheating um make sure you lay down the law from the beginning and you let whoever you’re talking to from the beginning that this is what you want this is what you’re looking for if you’re not bout it then you can leave because then you end up wasting your time unless you’re just looking to casually date like that’s something else that’s something totally different if you’re just casually dating sure I understand I mean guys this is me getting lazy and not wanting to separate my hair yeah but like if like you know what you want and you know you’re not about the casual dating life you let them know don’t be afraid to open your mouth and say yo more times you’re wasting my time like don’t be afraid to open all your mopping up your mountaintop because at the end of the day this is your life this is your feature these are your feelings this is your self-esteem like you can’t let people be out here dictating how you should live or how happiness should look like happiness isn’t butterflies and rainbows all the time like you best believe you’re gonna get in arguments here and there you best believe that you guys are gonna go through rough patches with whoever you’re talking to or however you’re dealing with or if you’re just looking for somebody but as I was saying like don’t be afraid to talk up and say honestly like this is what I’m looking for like don’t waste my time especially if you’ve gone through things not just in relationships but God do things in like real life you gotta be able to stand up for yourself best believe you gotta stand up for yourself if you don’t stand up for yourself nobody out here is gonna stand up for you I’m not gonna stand up for you best believe that don’t ever let anybody pressure you into anything that you’re not about you understand like you have to know for yourself nut this is what you want and you make sure you tell them this is what you want if you’re not about don’t waste my time like I totally people can only give you advice right but at the end of the day you gotta be out here knowing who you are and you got it like execute it for yourself you gotta execute it you understand and you gotta know who is giving you the right advice you just gotta know for yourself you gotta know for yourself this is real life facts no fiction I understand I’m like that’s just what I wanted to say about relationships just and like I’m changed like I’ve definitely changed from where I was before and I’m not gonna say my relationship changed me but having somebody who values you and pushes you to reach your goals outside of your family it’s like a really good thing because you know that person like definitely loves you and cherishes you and wants to see you grow and wants to see you do better and I know famous once that for me and I want the same for him right it’s not just a show like we took they’re not just a show well yeah I just thought I would share that with you guys also the section that’s coming out a lot better than the other side maybe I’m getting it now also I also wanted to talk about school I’m registered full-time online as a child in youth forensics students major I don’t know whatever you guys whatever they call it um it’s going good so far I have successfully completed the first week of school yeah me and I was a little stressed out at first not gonna lie because I’m looking at all these assignments and looking at all these Accession groups I’m like you I work full-time like what am I gonna have time to do this like I’m going on my trip in two weeks like what am I gonna have time to do this stuff and I’m kind of just like I was overwhelmed but I feel like I’ve kind of got a rein on things and having I have an idea of how I’m going to manage the rest of the semester I’m only taking two courses so it’s not that bad I’m sure the other night I have like just two courses I think it’s because it’s like it’s something new like I’m doing law and like Social Work forensics and learning about the civil legal system worrying about like adoption and mistreatment and abuse child abuse and child neglect like I’m learning about the correction side of things like it’s crazy like mad crazy by the way I have mad heat damage in the front of my hair when my hair was straight and when famous came I could have done it myself because I was straightening my hair all the time yeah I could have very well done it myself because I was like straightening my hair every time we might now because I don’t like imperfection when it comes to my hair my has to be perfect all the time so I could have very well give myself heat damage I probably did I probably could it was probably me wasn’t my hair – they’re not God blade my hairdresser it’s cuz I don’t know what I’m doing right now I’m telling you guys I don’t know what I’m doing if you haven’t he notifies please let me know like my curls are confused like they look so juicy coming out of the shower plus I need a trim like my hands need to be dusted for real my curls look so nice and juicy out of the shower but like now they’re looking frail quite frail but I won’t talk about um I also wanna talk about like my channel like I’m just so happy like things are going in like the right direction and stuff like it’s exciting getting like a bunch of a new subscribers I think guys that could literally see everything I can see who subscribes to my channel I could see how many males or females are watching my videos but I also like what you guys to support every time I upload because I YouTube is about like not working and gaining like experience you gotta like make videos to reach different people out on here so as much as I would love to do vlogs all the time I got a like branch out too so I’m excited to get back into these little hair videos chitchat videos like different things yeah as you can see I need a very like I need a trim so like so bad I’m excited to like see what YouTube has in store for me I still don’t think I could do YouTube full-time because it’s never been something that you should have never been something that I’ve been a hundred percent involved in like um like real life out here like I went to school work jobs I’ve worked two to three jobs at a time while going to school full-time and like YouTube has just never been in like you’ve never been in the mix for me just be like hey let’s just do this all the time I just feel like now they make it difficult because we make money off ads now and in the past you should just be on your content and also sponsorships is a really big thing well seems to be like a really big thing to make extra money and like to gain those sponsorships they make it hard for you to like you gotta have so-and-so mana subscribers and views and whatever look at that juicy let’s make it like hella hella hella difficult like it’s real hard out here to be making it on YouTube and to make that extra cash that’s why I don’t think I can ever do you two full time just because of like I’m just not there yet to be like hey let’s drop everything I’m doing and do you – full time yeah that’s just not in the cards for me to do so now I’m really trying to figure out like what what my hair is like looking like what it’s what is it doing seems you can see strings everywhere I need a trim so bad ooh but like the curls are hopin though like what my hair has gotten like so thick well like long I should say a fillip but who is oh I can tell you guys for like I haven’t really wore my hair natural since I’ve grown out my blonde a hundred percent because I liked how my hair looked in a pineapple puff with the blonde like it just did so much for my face somehow yep so I’ve just never really wore my hair 100% natural since my pint my blonde left the building for my natural hair people out there I’ve dyed my hair like twice I had it red think I have any pictures and I’ve had it blonde I don’t feel like looking for pictures of my hair color if I do find pictures just look at it on my community feed I’ll pose them their famous likes my hair block the older I get I like my hair block I just like to do different things with my hair because it makes me look more like my age guys I’m still are not like I’m still on the fact that like I’m salty because I don’t look 24 and I feel like I look like my age when I have fake hair I think make oh oh I just look like a little kid when my hair is like natural like this like I straight up like like I’m 7.5 years old anyways I’m gonna like get into styling my hair real quick this is what it’s looking like after all the product at first I was unsure but I feel like now that everything has like set in my curls are like clumping together so guys this stopped recording I don’t know when it stopped recording I hope I didn’t miss like a lot of clips why does it just start over Oh anyways this is what my hair is looking like right now I’m just gonna like wait for it to dry so my verdict on this part on these products I love them I love this it definitely defines your curls so yes a hell yes to this like my hair feels so nice I’ve used this before in the Aussie video that I did so this is another hell yes smells so good anyways I’ll definitely be using it tomorrow cuz I know my curl my curls would be like dry and yeah guys this is this is it this is like my natural hair not really savvy with it but this is what it looks like my curl pattern I guess by tomorrow and everything dries I’ll be able to style this a lot better because it’ll be shrunken I want to use the edge control but if you guys want to see me use this edge control stay tuned for my get ready with me I will be showing you guys in that video my outfit for the day I’ll maybe beat my face a little bit and I’m gonna use these two products I’m gonna use the curl refresher and the main and choice edge control okay so this is pretty much the end of my chitchat hair video I hope you guys liked it oh I shouldn’t eat probably use my castor oil to show you guys so they’re do they just put like a little bit here and I just rub it like we gotta have edges out here you can’t be you cannot neglect your edges escape yeah mom we’re getting you know mmm yes goody so um this is pretty much the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed please ignore like these long strands here that’s my heat-damaged showing his true colors but I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want more like if you guys want me to attempt and try natural hairstyles please leave your comments down in the section below yeah leave your comments down in the section below because I would love to see what you guys want me to try next but this is literally just like my wash and my go-to style I don’t feel like doing my hair because then I can like wrap it up in a topknot behind and do stuff like once all my curls tried this part my hair feels so like separated from the rest yeah I want to end this video here I hope you guys enjoy two guys in the next one peace [Music]


    Mimi Faron

    (11/22/2019 - 6:04 pm)

    Yes try a twist out

    Webster Londyn

    (11/22/2019 - 6:05 pm)

    Good morning from Jamaica..keep doing what you are doing

    Esta Chris

    (11/22/2019 - 6:06 pm)

    Girlll, I am here with the same hair struggle I don’t ave a clue what i am doing…. I had to replay the section with Jamaican accident.

    Mimi Arvel

    (11/22/2019 - 6:07 pm)

    Enjoyed watching your chit chat. Your parents raised a beautiful, intelligent young lady. Keep up the great work May Gods continued blessings apon you and your family.

    Irving Rylie

    (11/22/2019 - 6:08 pm)

    My husband love my hair black but I like colour. just think black is boring. continue do u n be u. ❤❤❤ from Mobay JA

    Irving Tatum

    (11/22/2019 - 6:09 pm)

    I have a hard time with my natural hair & have a difficult time styling it. More finger combing & finger coiling helps define ur curl patterns. I know it’s a tedious process, especially with long thick hair. But worth it in the end. An, I knew it was just nerves and u would eventually gather urself. Proud of you

    Esta Everette

    (11/22/2019 - 6:09 pm)

    Cute JA accent goodie all the best with school.

    Jasmin Cyrilla

    (11/22/2019 - 6:11 pm)

    Loved this chit chat

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