Watch The Signs!!! | Dating Advice (2019)

Dating is hard sometimes especially in today’s society. It seems some of the problems that I had and see in others a couple years ago are still present in 2019. So thought I would share some dating advice and signs and red flags to watch out for while your dating.

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so you find yourself in and out relationships and you’re really tired of your targeting you’re heartbroken your charter vesting your heart and you’re like you know I’m over dating or you’re in a relationship and you’re struggling I have some advice today that I hope will help you so stay tuned what’s up and welcome to give me a lifestyle my name is Anthony and guys I’m super excited about today so I’m topic we’re talking about dating and I’m giving some a dating advice for you guys who are in relationships or struggling relationship before we even get started guys do me a favor make sure you hit that subscribe button if you’re new here as well as that bill so you never miss content I post content every Thursday and Sunday no I further adieu guys you know it is it’s time for you to go ahead get this work so 2019 is wrapping up and you’ve been going through ups and downs of relationships you broke up with people got back with people or you just not completely fed up you’re like I’m just over this I get it and you know what I hope I can help you today so here’s the first thing I want to tell you guys about Dane dating should never come out of a place of being lonely what you see why fine is people jump into relationships just because they can deal with being single as you’ve been following my channel um you can go watch my videos I’ll make sure I put descriptions for the videos in the description box below as well as the car up here guys you can jump in the relationship just because you’re tired of being single or you’re tired being lonely and so you might be in the relationship right now because of that thinking and that thing can only last so long because here’s a deal if I don’t take time to understand what’s going on with myself first and I jump in a relationship now I’m taking everything I struggle with because I couldn’t do it with myself and with this other person and I’m also trying to juggle what they’re going doing what they’re feeling and what happens is you find yourself having a burnout you’re trying to figure yourself out and you’re trying to figure them out and right there that’s already messed up your dating experience you guys are going back and forth because you jumped too fast inches relationship instead of saying you know what let me practice some contentment first and be a little content with me first and then let me see them I’m ready for relationship so a lot of problems come out of a locker at the Timmy in a relationship and you see what a lack of continue will do it was a have you trying to be something that you’re not to someone who school might be or not be expecting you to be that person or you might want that person to be someone that they’re not because you want this to work because you can deal with being single you can deal with being by yourself and so you want something to work and so you will create something to make it work and wife of that person is not what you’re trying to create wife of that person is just who they are and well happens you start saying ungodly expectations and I’m not talking honest answer pure which will probably end up in purity bumps is talking about unreasonable expectations Eurostar expect to do that person and do stuff that you don’t even do you start putting pressure on someone that you like the pressure in and so you gotta be careful with the lack of contentment before you are in the relationship or even if you’re in a relationship if you’re not continuing your relationship is gonna have issues if you’re not contented jump into relationship I’ll bet you’re gonna have issues don’t date just for the fun of it or don’t date just a date because you see what I find out when you date just to have fun or just day-to-day the fun only lasts is for a moment but that heartbreak can last relationships and relationships later and so you want your day to have a purpose you shouldn’t begin what people just to get what people should be in with people just have sex your your dating should have a designated purpose and I’m not talking about the purpose of you being lonely I’m gonna talk about the purpose of you want to have sex I’m talk about the purpose of you guys accomplishing something together like were you trying to accomplish together why you do need to be together and why are you considering this person to get married – because that’s what danger in danger and what you marrying someone it should end with a lifetime commitment otherwise it has no significant purpose except the purpose of being you are heartbroke and you leave to someone else’s heartbroken which causes a long lion dysfunction and chain I’m dating which is very dangerous and harmful which I’ll shit I’ll say for another video but they should not be a scene where I’m just doing it just just cuz and that’s why a lot of people are hurt because people are jumping in while I’m just doing just cuz I’m just going along with my feelings I’m just going along for the ride and okay when the ride is over alright thank you I’m off and by then you’re all torn down and broke down and you’re all hurt and now you can give your heart to the next person because you’re so torn down by this roller coaster of of amusement called dating casually that you came you want you want even tried again because you’ve been hurt too bad so don’t think just for fun my next thing I would like to say it should be prayer prayer should be the first thing that price is set in this list and definitely the most important thing by doing pledge disclaimer out there for those who might watch this video and you’re not Christian I am coming from a Christian standpoint so if it’s for you if you rock with it cool if not I totally understand if you want to leave the video but yeah I do believe in the power of prayer because my dating experience came from me being the Christian so quick disclaimer prayer is important for a couple of reasons of one should be the feel to your relationship but this should be the thing that keeps your relationship going to prayer the main thing about prayer is it gives direction you have to connect with God to see where guy’s taking this relationship to or you should be connecting the guys see if this relationship is what it is is a day in relationship are you meant to be Frances person I find it a lot of prayer and relationships result in very catastrophic things like heartbreak in and in brokenness in a relationship because people then stop and cuz so guy and say hey what is this person in my life is this person someone that I should marry in and I should day or is this person someone that should be helping to get closer to you are gay morning they get to maybe I’m just meant to be this person’s friend but because we don’t want to talk about week off of our feelings will fire self in relationships that we should not be in are dating people we should not be dating at the end of day where we want to say oh all these work together for the good which I do believe they do our mistakes and all um is kind okie a waste of time because the purpose wasn’t aimed the right way see prayer gives you a focus in a purpose which I’m about to get you Lera on this video is a live what’s the purpose of name but prayer will help you define and what the purpose of the relationship is so if you’re not talking to guy you’re like okay God what is the purpose of this thing like why did you bring this person to me did you bring this person to me for companionship because there’s things we must do I talked about that in my own way to be single so go check that out cuz singleness is is a test and when you get with someone God is bringing you someone because you’re completing a task that he’s already signed so is this person here because God um they’re doesn’t help me to accomplish your will further or is this person here for me just to simply be a friend to and and loving them and that’s it but if you never ask those questions in prayer do you’ll find yourself in relationships in situations that will hurt the heck out of you because you’re gonna stop and ask questions which brings me to red flags and gods Ivan ology so here here I want you guys to check this out for me real quick so here it is if you’re a person who drives you might see things like weather conditions like especially here in Colorado it snows around this time of year and there’s always things going on to tell it to watch how we drive right or you might be a person who lives and see wears a whole bunch of destruction and those signs are put there to show you the mind the road that you’re on to watch how you drive a line so why are you talking about driving and this is a day relationship because here’s a deal God has a role for you he has a road map for you and and on that row might be speed bumps might be um hazard size to show you what to do and what not to do speed signs to show you the monitor your speed and you have to watch the signs because if you’re not watching the signs if you’re not paying attention to the role what you’ll find yourself doing is getting distracted or they’re not the places you shouldn’t be and relationships you should be in and so red flags are very important because they’re showing you just like like I said about driving there to be where conditions there’s gonna be a condition that showing you that if you’re not careful this gate in bad and so reflects our point understand when you’re with someone you’re seeing these plaques because you are praying that this is not something you should be in you have to follow signs don’t don’t be like most people who you see them driving if you’re a driver and they probably gets on your nerves that they just don’t yield to nothing they keep on driving fast and next to you no deer in the accident and now that accident is causing traffic I’m not trying to preach at you forgive me but you you see when people don’t watch what they’re doing when they’re well they’re not mine people’s heart when they’re not taking care of people the way they should be they’re just jumping in relationships guess what happens it causes an accident and you’re the person that has to pay for the accident or you might be a relationship where you re are paying for an accident because I person didn’t pay attention to the road and so you don’t want to continue to slow down the process you want to go the speed that gosh you’re going this relationship if you’re in one and you want to make sure you’re paying attention set sizes got my B you might need to stop here you might need be careful this because if you go and defer this is gonna result in this you know you might want pay attention to the conditions of life right now you might want to slump you may not be ready to continue this relationship or you may not be ready to get engaged or go to the next level because there’s some things that are going on that you might need to slow down and pay attention to it always practicing up here in Colorado a little hard drive of snow I’m not trying to clown but they don’t the only house driving snow and so what they’ll what they’ll do is they’ll go very slow on the speed limit or those speed up very fast and they’ll start sliding and they’ll cause an accident because I didn’t want to pay attention to the weather they want follow the flow of traffic you have to follow the flow attractive like what was God doing in your life in this dating relationship pay attention to the signs you guys took me so far if you will still with me do me a favor smash the like button guys my last thing before we get out of here is dating must have the inner purpose of mind of marriage things should have a time period and a lot of people may not like this because why is the matter we this could just be together why why do I have to get married to show someone I love somebody I’ll make a separate video on that a layer time but why I will say it should have a time period because see Dane should end up which you committing yourself to someone for the rest of your life otherwise you’re just kind just going through the motions and you’re wasting time and the lack of commitment will turn to a lot of different issues marriage is a thing that only pleases God but it’s one of those things that says to a person now I’m willing to commit to you and do it God’s Way and that’s why I say if you’re a Christian you really should understand this if you’re not I can understand why you may not understand it you know but you know talking to those who are Christians this should be your focus when you’re dating it should not just be today somebody because you’re lonely it should be that you know it this has an aim or purpose otherwise I shouldn’t touch it you know if I’m just dating someone because they’re sexy and I just like the way they look and I’m tired of being alone Dean I’m gonna say you’re not ready to date and eat my blast that’s so unfair you know so put in the comment section below if you disagree with me but yeah I’m gonna say off back dating should have the purpose of marriage and my at the end it shouldn’t just be a casual thing so marriage is the purpose and what you doing your dang season right now will affect your marriage layer so you heard me say it so many times even in my single videos that what you do as a single person will affect your marriage I’m saying what you’re doing your dating experience will affect your marriage so these stages right now are very important so you want me praying and being diligent and watching the rolls watching the signs so question of the day what are some things that you struggle with in your relation let’s talk about in the comment section below I can’t wait to hear about it also guys if you liked today’s video make sure you like it and share it and don’t forget to hit the subscribe button so you never miss content as well as the bell guys I post every Thursday Sunday so till then my friends I’m out as being your boy Anthony peace


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