We Got Dating Advice From Matthew Hussey (Ft. WeeMad Gamer)

We’re all proficient in the art of love now boiz…

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well how are you uppers my throat’s killing me I’m with you boy we mad gamer and also salami today we are we are who’s we it’s you and me you and me we all three of us cuz we can’t forget I can’t forget the push so we get in the in the video is now in my hoodie anyway today we’re doing a old classic we’re watching our favorite man our archenemy right Matthew Hussey cuz I’ve never actually watched one of his videos late together but if you look for the nice guys although we’re not attractive in any single fucking way I like how these videos aren’t really that long so give actual take I want to read this quick very good my blood pressure [Music] this is Matthew Hussey get the guy why is he taller so what about if we want to get some girls Matthew why can’t you alright okay okay okay right we have both texted many girls over the years right we’ve been interested in many many girls that have not been interested in us how about we watch get him to chase you and see you know if we would fall for these advances if a girl was giving it to us would we do would we chase them okay so Matthew tell me my son boy skinny Danny man he’s no hench Yeah right kind of Matthew son give us some life advice please there’s a particular paradox I face in my everyday life when I go out there are sometimes people that come and talk to me I’m not suggesting these people are people who know me or recognize me just everyday people who come over to say hello especially if it’s a woman I always feel a particular sense of admiration because I am always talking about how you should go and talk to people you shouldn’t be afraid of making the first move but there is always a moment where my initial admiration turns to fear now what am I afraid of I’ll give you a situation that literally happened to me last night I was standing in a bar with a couple of friends and two women who had initially seen us at the bar then came to talk to us when we were standing in another part of the venue we had had this moment with them of eye contact at the bar so it didn’t feel unnatural when they came over to talk to us but there was a moment about 3 or 4 minutes in where it became apparent that they had no plans to leave that conversation any time soon in other words if the three of us were standing there like this in this u-shape they completed the circle and stood there facing inwards and didn’t alter their body language at all the whole time you know any it feels that they wanted that whole so they didn’t leave that’s it isn’t it he spent one minute 28 minutes saying these guys came over they wanted a shag so they didn’t leave daya that is always saying what first was this great oh there’s new people coming to talk to us turns into this thing of are they are they ever gonna leave or is this now it are we three in a relationship beyond that Mathewson just girl talk to you and I was like interesting the conversation does not mean that you guys are dating by any stretch surely I mean this man is older than us I’m sure he’s had many more experiences with women so would you not think that that would be quite apparent thing what how do you mean like it doesn’t I don’t think he’s getting what he’s fucking saying no I don’t think cuz I mean to me that makes no sense ladies I know this is daunting when a guy does this to you when a guy comes over and you think I am now stuck with this person and of course he’s not alone his two mates are standing there having a conversation between them but they’re not really having a conversation they’re looking over to see if he’s doing a good job and they can and join him our song he needs me tag me and goose fucking skits oh man I actually hate that I actually bucket hey I know I know how I said this like Chris fucking done that’s the way I know how I said those are the worst thing I’ve experienced let you watch it without that there it’s the worst thing ever my own girlfriend sent me that so she so she wants you to be like Matthew Hussey no eyes that the moratorium or the fucking store is just don’t be an asshole yeah exactly I mean if I spend the basement at B is it not like each other you like each other and in the fucking discussions aren’t dating all that shit but in the relationship don’t be a date yeah exactly man just fucking lesson no Marcus let me just washes in sir right this is how you get mr. right myself oh god no no she’s backed it looked at there it’s a Salome it’s one same jeans in this video I’m gonna do – I’m gonna give you a crazy powerful text message that you can send to a guy that shows just how powerful language can be in getting men to behave the way you want them to around you then I’m gonna give you something that is gonna change the way you text men forever now technology has done some wonderful things for us but one of the worst side effects of all this technology we have is that men now have a voice and a vehicle for really inappropriate sexual advances he says to you what you up to and you say about to go out just go out of the shower men will often use something you say as a reason to go five steps ahead and they’re doing this as a way to test your boundaries so when you say just come out of the shower he says you say I think you have me confused with a future me who’s been on many more don’t tell me we’re gonna like this hello my name is Matthew Hussey and I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube five seconds in five seconds then subscribe yeah boy great content Matthew son subscribe my way okay this is my youtube channel and it happens to be my favorite part of what I do that’s because every week I get to have a real conversation with you you don’t ya you get me the absolutely fucking information I guess on your facebook you see all these do these talking to a camera it’s the same as me doing it same as you dinner same as PewDiePie do you know you’re talking to a fucking camera you know I mean you know interact with your mouth he likes it because it makes him feel alone guess you’re at face dead not work I’m sure this is gonna offend a few men for videos we watched movies offended us so I mean I’ve got these finally acknowledged that we watch his content you should have said but ladies I do not care I’m about to talk about V for annoying text messages that guy’s consistently send and what you as a woman should text back to those guys in those moments so here’s what you send well duh Savage oh shit oh man I feel offended it Oh Chris let’s try negative fuck yeah all you’re gonna do is give just as much investment but with more passion to show that you’re actually excited about life so you’re gonna say hey exclamation mark then let him take the lead if he doesn’t do not text him again I have 9 more copy and paste text messages that you can send to any guy to get more attraction more commitment more respect and more desire getting these is really simple just go to my website I’m texts calm and download the complimentary guide that I have that outlines each is not 9 text comments go check this out though Chris I need it I need to see these nine tags oh yeah poof it’s porn Oh said there’s no that’s a free guide and my first name Samantha Jerry Harris where’s gonna watch this back he’s gonna notice me so get my guide come on after you my son Slough is my that what what I want to know what you want Matthew hey did he text you you know five days since our day I’m so confused of what we had a great time he paid for dinner we even kissed a little what sorry we rent a fuck off I hate this humor listen I get most we ever gonna be so fucking discretion the only Dane stages totally beginning as well as hard yes of hard work end of researching this and I can help you understand what men really want can either bold in text so you can yeah Matthew my son great plug love it this is gonna get you the same quick with those amenities you know it sounds like what men want is exactly what I need great advert by the way right down oh my god I can’t wait come on Daniel Daniel Oh what do I have to pay for I thought you say it was real food free whoa Matt he is in a big cavity fuck you math your foot is free uline swine right wait guys what I’m gonna leave the video there today thank you for watching us react to the wonderful day advice that is Matthew Hussey anything add-on that Chris oh just like I said more besides if you’re gonna go through these kind of stages like just use your common sense like it’s common sense it’s like but he’s pinhead – common sense and they make it a bit more complicated to understand yeah that’s the kind of waste pertinent he’s our dating coach yeah Eton College would put everything simple not to make you see like wait you’re not gonna help you see what you need to say yeah that’s up to you for what you want to say yeah if you want to takes a guy after a week of him not the point that’s up to you but you don’t need this guy telling you how to do it yeah it’s up to you on how you play it hmm well that’s all I’m gonna kind of see anyway guys if you did enjoy this video please leave a like and if you live around here subscribe to Jacob go go go go see my boy we Matt get our tomato he does bangin streams he’s a laugh go watch him he’s banging it core G coming for the also liked your horror games channel I’ll leave a link in the description to chill out well it’s not finished yet because I’m well no I finished now because I ran out a second now no I can’t finish it because I you get I stopped recording like halfway wait for a cutscene to make it bit more climatic and then can I don’t record after that so I need to play the game again that’s fun yeah all right but anyway boys so yeah if you enjoyed the video give me a like in the if you didn’t leave a dislike and comment saying Falcon and proof for you please don’t send any hate over to Matthew Hussey you know it’s all kind of a joke really well when you hear one gray but yeah it’s just unworried anyway guys described a challenge trying to get 100 for the end of the year and I will see you in the next video peace and love my boys and girls I’ll see you soon get my song


    Jeremy Brody

    (11/10/2019 - 7:26 pm)

    Thank you Matthew, I will never use this skill again. Good to know that I’m not gonna get a girl friend

    Lauraine Harding

    (11/10/2019 - 7:27 pm)

    Nice reaction

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