Your Unrequited Crush: Lesbian Dating Advice

Almost everyone on earth has had an unrequited crush.

What can we do to change things around so that our unrequited crush finally notices us?

The most important thing I ever learned, when it comes to unrequited crushes comes from my favorite teacher in the world, Eben Pagan.

Eben often says “attraction is not a choice.”

What he means by this is that if you meet a woman, and she doesn’t feel attracted to you, there’s almost nothing you could ever say or do to change her mind. Because attraction isn’t a “rational” thing.

Attraction is primal, and the mechanisms that cause us to feel attraction aren’t controlled by our thinking.

That’s why, even when we’re single and lonely, if there’s someone who “seems great on paper” who wants to date us, but we’re not “feeling it” there’s nothing we can do to make ourselves desire her, even if we wish we could.

And that’s also why it’s so hard to get over an unrequited crush.

Because once we feel attracted to her, there’s almost nothing we can do to stop feeling that way.

Because attraction is not a choice.

But even though we can’t control the fact that we have an unrequited crush, we can control how we behave around her when we see her.

Watch this video to learn the best strategy for how to behave around your unrequited crushes.

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